Lime Circle was created in 2017 to concentrate purely on Landscape Design. After 25 years in landscape construction our projects are designed to enable trouble free, cost-effective construction.

 We design according to budget so what you see is a realistic, achievable landscape that suits the needs and lifestyle of your family.

We Cater to

  • Homeowners either wishing to undertake the project themselves (DIY) or contract the landscaping out to contractors.
  • Landscape contractors wishing to win more jobs wish professional designs or 3d renders to show clients what the finished product will look like.
  • Builders and developers that either supply turn key homes, or wishing to sell off the plan with photorealistic images of the finished product.

The Benefits of having a landscape design are

  • when choosing contractors you are comparing 'apples and apples', same plants, same quantities, same products and the same outlined specifications.
  • a speedy process as you can have the plan drawn up well before construction of your new home is complete and have all the quotes and trades ready to jump in as soon as you get the keys, you can also ask any contractors already on site if they would like to work on the project (eg, bobcat operators, bricklayers etc)
  • For the DIY'ers you can achieve a profession result with our designs as you will have all the details of plants and materials and quanities.

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